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What is The Hookup?

The Hookup is xplor’s VIP program that gives you discounts at local businesses, first-to-know information events, 20% off ticket discounts at any xplor event, and awesome product at awesome prices from local businesses.

What type of businesses are on The Hookup?

We specialize in restaurants, gyms and health clubs, retail stores, local service companies, and birthday party venues.

How do you select Hookup Businesses?

We choose our Hookup partners to ensure we are connecting our VIP members to the BEST products, services and companies in your local area…. if we wouldn’t use these items for our families, we wouldn’t recommend them to you!​

Who provides some of the gifts and gift cards to VIP and how to I get them?

We currently are offering the following: a one year subscription to St. Louis Magazine, a $225 dollar gift card to David Kodner Jewelers for a CAD-CAM Design, a “head to toe” makeover at Saks Fifth Avenue with a complimentary styling and personal shopping session and full makeup/makeover, 2 weeks free at Shred415, and 2 ice cream cones at Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery (total value of $675).  After purchasing you will receive a welcome packet with instructions on how to book and claim your offers.

Who Can Benefit From The Hookup?

Everyone!  There are opportunities for adults, kids, men, women, boys and girls to benefit from the offers listed in The Hookup.

How Do I Get My Hookup Offers?

Redeeming your HookUp offers is easy.  Simply access your HookUp offers via your mobile device or on desktop and either show the offer to any business that you would like to redeem your offer- or print it.  If it is an online business, in the “redeem” button- you will be automatically linked to the partner website for redemption.  We are currently revising our mobile app’s on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and hope to have them ready shortly.

Will My Hookup Membership Auto-Renew?

Your Hookup membership will auto-renew at 365 days from your purchase at $25 per year.  You may cancel your membership at any time via account settings.


What is xplor?

xplor is a company that connects families and local businesses via unique experiences and events.  xplor produces unparalleled events and connects local families to businesses via our VIP program- The Hookup that offers incentives, products, and experiences with local businesses.

Why can't I see all of the HookUp offers?

In order to see all the HookUp offers you must be paying customer of xplor.  All incentives are offered exclusively for our customers from our partners and are not for public access.  If you have a question on the offers in the HookUp- please email us directly at info@xplorcity.com and we will personally answer your email.

If I join the Hookup today and you add a partner will I get to access these perks?

Absolutely.  As long as your membership is up-to-date- you will get the same perks and benefits as a new member.

Where is xplor available?

xplor is currently available in St. Louis, Missouri with new cities coming this year.  Stay tuned for new city announcements.

My city doesn't have xplor- when will you be here?

We would love to come to your city- please email us at info@xplorcity.com if you are interested in bringing xplor to your city.


Where can I see your events?

Please visit this link to see a full list of our events.  We can’t wait to see you at one of them!

If I am a hookup member, what type of discounts do I get on event tickets.

Hookup members automatically get 20% off any xplor produced event and also may receive ticket discounts with other local partners in town, as well as monthly free events.  To redeem your 20% discount- you will be emailed a coupon code when we announce the event allowing you to be the first-to-know as well as allowing you to redeem your Hookup.


How can I get my business listed on The Hookup?

We would love to have your business be a part of The Hookup!  Please email us at info@xplorcity.com and we will be in touch.

I want to host an event with xplor- how do I do this?

Please email us at info@xplority.com– we would love to talk to you about your event needs.

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