The Deets

CityBuzz and Nourish At Home

Join Katelyn as she visits Nourish At Home with CityBuzz to learn more about their family-friendly meal options and subscription service. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k3XOuNHhLI&t=22s

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Eclipse Tips For Kids

The eclipse will be here on Monday August 21st and it's a once in a lifetime event.  As awesome as it sounds- what specifically is it and what makes it different than other eclipses?  How long does it last?  And what are the safety tips to keep myself and my kids...

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7 Tips To Keep Kids Safe On Instagram

Yesterday we had a little scenario where my Instagram account was riffled by a new follower.  I had always had my Instagram private until I unlocked it to the public for professional reasons.  I seriously didn't think much of it until yesterday when a suspicious...

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Family Friendly Vacation Guide Part I

When it comes to planning a family vacation it can be a bit daunting when trying to choose the most "family friendly" destinations, especially when you have young children. The joke among our friends is..."are you going on a work trip or vacation?" Let's face it,...

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What Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

The big day is almost upon us- the big dance- Mother's Day.  The one day a year where we are celebrated for our efforts and accomplishments as being a little person(s) everything- the superhero, the taxi driver, the chef, the booboo fixer upper, #1 sports fan,...

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It’s a family affair at kidzxplor

It's a family affair over at kidzxplor!  Although the inspiration for the company came out of our own experiences navigating the parenting world- it's very much about a goal and effort to make families lives easier.  Back in February we moved our model from an...

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For The Love of Music

Music is just one of those feel good, memory triggers that helps us put some rhythm in our lives.  To say that music and singing play an important role in our culture is understated.  From music being so much a part of our lives in movies, TV, theater, car dance...

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