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I‘ve worked deeply with moms for over a decade and I hear you. Loud and clear, ladies. 

  • You’re craving a village…more and better connections. 
  • You’re not sure if you’re feeling all this right…or enough. 
  • You’re doing more than any one person should and simultaneously feeling guilt and shame about not doing more. 
  • You’re probably beating yourself up for not smiling more, not being more positive, and not feeling more blessed. 

And maybe you’re a little weird…and you used to be a lot more fun. Mama, fast-forward 30ish years… what would you want for your daughter if she were in this exact same circumstance, feeling exactly the way you’re feeling? How would you nurture her? How would you help her? What would you say to her?

Shhhhh… it’s the best kept parenting secret: the only way to be the kind of mother you want to be is to give all of that stuff you think great mothers give to you first. You want to be more nurturing? Nurture yourself more. You want to yell less? Stop beating yourself up so much. You want to be more attentive and present? Be more attentive to and conscious of your own needs.

This is your chance…

TRIBE. a Moms’ Retreat – 2018

WHEN? October 19-21, 2018
WHERE? The Reserve at Augusta – 170 Church Road, Augusta, MO 63332

Link below for specific details.

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