For a parent, the quest to book a birthday party is lengthy, tedious, and expensive.  Where should I have the party?  Is there any place new in town?  Who has had their party at that location before?  How much can I spend?  Do I have to invite the whole class?  It’s going to be HOW much?  We get it.  At kidzxplor, we are parents too and we fight the birthday party battle every.single.year.  There’s always a balance between TIME and EXPENSE.  I personally don’t have tons of time to research all the birthday parties in the area- the internet time alone takes forever.  The hunting, the pecking, the Googling- all trying to find something “different”.  We bounce ideas off friends- and ultimately – before Pinterest even gets involved- we’ve spent multiple hours.

When starting kidzxplor, we always strived to save parents TIME and MONEY.  We understand that there’s finite hours in the day, and finite dollars in the bank.  We also love our kidzxplor Partners and believe in their products and offerings for the parents in our Community.

Kidzxplor Birthday Parties was then launched, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things birthday party- and there’s also a $25 or 25% retail value to families.  You can book directly in one place and be done- that’s it.  Partners including: Upper Limits, Companion Teaching Kitchen, KOR Komplex, All American Gymnastics, Mad Science, Abra-Kid-Abra, Sweet and Sassy, and so many more.  A wide variety of different types of parties, for different ages, and different interests.  How about a trapeze party?  Lego building party?  Space shuttle simulated launch?  Cupcake Decorating?  How about a dance party?

In addition to that, we also have a birthday concierge service as well.  Don’t have time to plan a birthday party?  We will do it for you.  For a fee, we will coordinate a unique, different party for your child that no one has had from some of the most unique places in town.

A child’s birthday party is supposed to be FUN, let us help.  Let’s party!