Happy Holidays from kidzxplor!  We’ve made it- it’s been a long run through the holiday madness but we are all finally here.  When we started this journey of wanting to provide opportunities to children a bit over a year ago- we had no idea where this would take us.  We have truly enjoyed over the last year getting to know our local community better, getting to work with our Partners and make new friends, and of course, getting to know all of you.  The beauty of starting a company small and from scratch, is that you get to know a lot of the people who subscribe to your business and use it frequently.  We have so truly enjoyed over the past year of getting to know you- seeing your kids in action- doing things they love- and having fun while doing it.  The initial goal has turned into reality and we wish you could all see our faces when we get one of those images of a child in an activity- learning something new- and seeing that smile on their face!

As we move into the next few days of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Years- we get to reflect on our families as well- some who haven’t seen  ton of us this year :).  Being Mom’s- we know well the shuffle and the struggle with being in the right place, with the right child, at the right time, and juggling those 15 other hats at the same time.  Our mission of what drove us to create kidzxplor- is what you do every. single. day.  Can we, or have we, made life maybe a teeny bit easier?  Have we lowered some stress of trying to find that right activity?  Made booking more simple?  We hope so!  We continue to strive to help your kids find their passion- and for life to be a bit easier for you.  Because, lets be honest- being a parent is HARD.

As we move into 2017- we have quite a bit of new exciting surprises for you that we will be announcing in January.  We have listened over the past year, we have surveyed, and we have experienced kidzxplor- and we think it could be even better than what it is.  Stay tuned for more details on that.  In addition, we plan to add lots more community building events to get our members together to have fun, learn, and be the  best we all can be.  But- we won’t forget the fun- which is why we will continue to add new partners, experiences, and opportunities.  Oh!  And if you have friends in other cities- we may just be hitting those up too!

So take the next few days to be with your family, present, making new memories- that’s where we plan to be.  Enjoy the season and Happy Holidays from kidzxplor!


Angela, Lisa, Stephanie