What if you could have one pass- one ticket to the world of kid’s activities and classes?  What if you could drop-in to any kid’s class or activity that you want?  Want to try kid’s CrossFit?  How about some lego architecture inspired by the art of Frank Lloyd Wright?  A tea just for Kindergarteners?  How about a night out with Olaf?   All is possible when you have access to choose where you want to go, what you want to do, when you want to do it, and do it with no commitment.  Yes, please!

kidzxplor is now live and ready to let your child find their passion and try new things.  We built kidzxplor with the idea of freedom for our children to choose what they want to do- who they essentially want to be.  The goal of kidzxplor is to empower kids to find what moves them- what motivates them- what can they experience that helps mold them to become the person they want to be.  It’s that starting foundation that that they can pave that makes their heart beat, and makes them happy.  By offering variety – we hope to find that thing for them that clicks- the a-ha moment, the “why haven’t I been doing this before?” question.  We are on the search daily to find new, different, exciting, empowerful experiences for your child to have – to add a bit of spice to their lives.

With launching kidzxplor– we have a myriad of exciting things coming.  Fun and exciting events coming at you, opportunities to work with non-profits that are helping STL be a bit brighter, and of course- the main goal of letting your children have fun and learn something at the same time.  Starting in September- we will feature an “Activity Of The Month” that will be the focus month-long of our marketing and social blitz.  By working with our Class and Activity Partners-  a monthly event, hosted by them with some fun for the kids. We will also have a “Non-profit Of The Month” that will coincide with our kidzxplor Community.  We are looking to our community to help us choose those non-profits- we want to hear from you- who should we be focused on?  Who needs some help?  Let’s get that conversation going and lets work on it together.

We plan on keeping you involved as much as you want us to.  By weekly email blasts that are our weekly “Xplor This”– we will roundup what’s going on for the week within kidzxplor- and what you can #getoutthere and xplor.  Expect those to come at you on Sunday’s so that you can plan for the week ahead.  We also can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Come check us out and follow us!  We love likes, shares, tweets, follows, etc.  We post new partnerships on Facebook – check it out to see who is new to the service and who you may want to go visit!  Like to see your kids in pic’s?  We love putting our kidzxplorkids on Instagram and show them out xploring- tag us in your Instagram posts and you may just make our feed.

And, last but not least, we strive to be a community- and that include’s YOU.  If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, thoughts- please don’t hesitate to reach out to us- we WANT to hear from you!  Adios for now- talk soon!


Angela, Lisa, Stephanie