How did it go so fast this year- how are we going back to school?  The time-old question- where did Summer go?  Here we are again- the smell of crayons, the sound of the bus approaching, nerves and jitters about this years teacher, how much homework will there be?  With the new school year comes a new schedule- how many soccer practices are there?  We go from laid back Summer- to full-fledged school year craziness.  We preach to our kids that they must get their sleep- that they need to go to bed early- it’s a full on sprint from our leisurely summer marathon.  Before we know it- the schedules, the open houses, conferences, soccer games, football games, library return dates- our calendar goes from empty- to quite full.   It’s a transition.  For everybody.

No schedule is the same, no kid is the same.  Where do we fit in the activities and the classes that we want to do- when our schedule is so packed?  We all want to give our kids the experiences they deserve to figure out who they are- but when do we do that?  Why can’t we have the flexibility to do what we want to do – when we can do it- with no stress?  Well, thats what kidzxplor is trying to do for you, everyday.  Let’s line up the best programming, at multiple times, to allow you to be able to give that opportunity to your child in the least stressful way possible.  Want to go after school?  On a weekend?  On a Tuesday at 11:30 AM?  Let’s utilize technology in this kid’s extracurricular activity space and have it work for us.  We have utilized technology in every other industry but this one- from restaurant reservations to hotels to downloading music- it’s all at a hands touch.  Let’s use our iPhones and Smartphone’s to schedule our kids stuff- without having to fill out 5 pieces of paper.  And let’s drop-in when we want to- on our time- when we can- it’s all up to you.  The world is changing quickly- lets keep up with it.

Starting in September, kidzxplor will allow you to be able to xplor the world in a different way.  To seek out and get what you what for your kids, when you want it.  Give them those tools to figure out who they are- what they love- and what makes them, them.  We have a lot of fun and exciting opportunities coming your way- and we hope you will come along with us to experience them all.  From exciting parties, to exceptional promotions, to Community-focused endeavors- we have it all ready to go and ready for you.  We’ve learned a lot through our BETA period- and are making lots of changes for the better- to make this endeavor the best it can be. Lets go!

Explore. Discover. Experience.