Here we go folks, the final few weeks of Summer are going very, very fast!  How is camp ending this week?  How is school starting in a mere 2.5 weeks (eek!)?  How do I have a Kindergartener?  How did I never make it to the splash pad this Summer?  How come the pool didn’t get used near as much as it should have?  How is kidzxplor launching in 3 short days???

The passage of time, the ever present ticking of the clock.  Some days we can’t wait to push through and have bedtime come as fast as possible- but then a lot of those days mount up- and we find ourselves at the end of the season- with more time thats evaporated- even more quickly than last year.  That coupled with the fact that school starts so much earlier than it used to- our Summers have shrunk drastically.

The tug and pull, the chicken vs. the egg- we struggle all year with the schedules, the parties, the sports, the parents night outs, curriculum nights- we literally cannot wait for Summer to get here.  A season thats a bit more laid back, more chill, less fancy, less frantic.  It’s also a sacred time for a kid- I mean who doesn’t have fonder, more vivid memories of Summers from their childhoods vs. the school year?  Parents get to see themselves in their kids when the weather gets warmer.  Playing Marco Polo in the pool, going on family vacations, hearing ourselves turn into our parents “don’t forget the sunscreen”, “can’t you find something else to do other than watch tv?”, “stop fighting with your brother!”.

We get halfway through the Summer and we yearn for school to start again- to get a schedule- to be a little bit more routine.  But with that routine comes so much more- a loss of freedom of sorts- we have to be more “on” with our parenting- every day is a job with a bedtime deadline- and we will be back to it in no time.

So what is a parent to do in these last few weeks of Summer?  EMBRACE IT!  #getoutthere and hit up the water park, sleep in a bit, be lazy, go to a Card’s game with the kids- and then stay out late and go to Ted Drewes afterwards.  Have the kids ride their bikes a bit more, and a little less iPad.  Throw in some more BBQ’s with friends, swim in a few pools.  Maximize the time.  Get it in- because it will be over before we know it.  Live some life and be present in it.  It’s not just the kids that make memories during the Summer- you get to too.