11 days to the kidzxplor launch date and we go live!  Wow!  We honestly can’t believe how far we have come in such a short amount of time!  The idea for kidzxplor was conceived on Saturday, September 26th on lovely Miami Beach- and I don’t think any of us have looked back since.  Inspired by the ease and flexibility of ClassPass- we sought to bring a “ClassPass for Kids” concept that utilized the same fundamentals of ease of use, flexibility, and variety of activities that would make parents (and kids!) excited to have something that could change how they looked at their extra-circulars.  By offering a flat fee of $99 and offering literally hundreds of classes, and thousands of spots open to take- we sought to put families in the driver’s seat of where they want to go and when.  Allowing kids opportunities to really learn what they like, what their passion is, and letting them pick what they want to do- and doing that in an easy way- in one spot- and picking the times that work best for them- we saw it as such a “win win”- a concept that needed to happen.  Utilizing technology to make all of our lives easier- we can book a dinner reservations online and have hundreds of options of restaurants, we can choose from millions of songs to download- why can’t we have the variety of picking our children’s activities in the same way- all in one spot?

We have been working with the local Class and Activity Partner’s for months, and have been so excited to how they have taken this concept and been accepting and supportive.  We have over 40+ of the top local Class Partner’s ready to go, with classes ready to offer, of new places to go and see and learn.  When scoping Class and Activity Partner’s- our threshold was simple- we would only sign Partner’s where we would feel comfortable sending our own children.  We have sought to the BEST Partner’s with the best businesses and the BEST programming.  We hope to get some newer names out there, and definitely some of the local favorites.  By being able to go to these Partner’s with no commitment, with no registration fee, and at the times you would like!  With COCA, Little Fishes, All American Gymnastics, Gymboree, School of Rock, and many more- all in one place- we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

We are so excited to get kidzxplor out in front of the public- so excited to bring this concept to you- and hopefully help you make your life a bit easier and more fun for your kids.  When we started out on this process, we had dreams of a fabulous technology platform- which we now have.  We dreamed about awesome class providers – A-list targets- who are now clients- and we had a passion to get this launched by August 1st- to make those last few weeks of Summer a little more fun and a little less stressful.  So, here we are.  And where do we go?

We go with you!  We are here, ready, and waiting to go to give you the best experience for your child and yourself.  We are beating on new Class Partners doors daily to have the BEST Class Partners in St. Louis as part of our service.  We are researching what the newest, coolest, most inspiring new Classes and Activities are that are happening in the world of Kid’s.  We are partnering with local businesses to become one community- one where we all work together- consumers, local business owners, and local non-profits.  We are building our list of Community Experts to help bring value-added programming and seminars that are relevant and timely to your lives.  We want to hear from you what is important to you and your family – what value can we bring to you- and how can we enrich our youth?

When we turn on the site on August 1st- we hope to be more than just a service company- we hope to be part of this awesome St. Louis community- and we hope to bring a little value and fun to your lives.  If you ever have ideas, thoughts, concerns, we are here to listen and implement- we can only grow with our community.  We look forward to taking this leap with you- and we hope you are excited as well!


Angela, Lisa, Stephanie

*photo courtesy of Rachel Closson photography