Community is at the heart of kidzxplor and something that we consider with every decision that we make.  We feel passionate that giving back isn’t “something to do” its the “reason why we do”.  Not only do we want children to find their passion, we want them to feel passionate about helping others.  Today we launch our kidzxplor Community which is really the pillar that holds the organization together today.  Through months and months of devising a plan of Community- and what that means to us- we have developed and created our program which will start with our launch in July.

Each month, kidzxplor will give a percentage of their profits and proceeds directly back to the St. Louis community and to organizations that strum our heart strings make us passionate about making a change in the community.  That passion isn’t tied directly to the company founders- but also to what makes your heart beat.  You are part of our community and we want to hear from our members on what makes them passionate!  What organization needs some love?  Who is doing really awesome things out there and should be recognized?  What new programs are launching and could use some support?  Your voice is integral to kidzxplor Community and we are striving to make this city a better place for all of us and for our kids.

Not only do we want to hear your voice, but we want to hear your child’s voice.  What do they think is important?  Who do they think needs some help?  In our society- it isn’t always easy to find ways to teach giving and philanthropy to our youth- how we can help make that easier?  How can we get kids out in the community being able to learn about giving back, gratitude, and selfless giving?  We hope to make this process a bit easier by offering opportunities to our members that allow them to get involved on the frontline’s and see that they truly are making a difference in our community.

Our kidzxplor Community focus really has several different pillars of extension including:

  • kidzxplor will donate a portion of proceeds each month to a non-profit organization based on input of our consumers.
  • kidzxplor will organize monthly activities where consumers can meet, play, and learn about our featured non-profit organization partners.
  • kidzxplor will team up with our Class Providers and non-profit organization partners to create learning activities for our consumers.
  • kidzxplor will partner with local business owners through our PERKS! program to offer ways to use our community by dining out, fundraising, shopping, to give back to the community in which we live.
  • kidzxplor will show our littlest consumers how rewarding it can be to xplor outside our comfort zone to help others in need.

In addition to monthly giving, we also have a passion for childhood education and emerging young business leaders.  A focus of our community effort will be on encouraging children to be creative in using their ideas to drive their new business ideas.  Kidpreneurs are making changes in the world, bringing new concept to light, and learning a lot in the process!  Each year, kidzxplor will host a Kidpreneur competition for scholarship that offers children an opportunity to pitch their ideas, market them, and earn scholarship dollars that would allow them to put their business in motion.  kidzxplor feels strongly that young business leaders learn necessary lifelong skills, commitment, drive, and leadership by being able to take their ideas and make them happen.

“It’s not how much love we give, it’s how much love we put into giving” – Mother Theresa