Summer starts now!  For most kids around the Midwest school is out for Summer- or just about to be.  With that sets in the anxiety of “what are we going to do????”.  Most families have some type of a plan to either do some camps, sightsee around their city, lounge around and enjoy the lack of schedule, hit up some swimming pools, and maybe take a vacation or two.  Summer for our kids has changed a lot over the years, gone is the leaving after breakfast- running the neighborhood- and coming home just before dinner.  Freeze tag, swimming, riding bikes all of the neighborhood, flash light tag, these have all morphed over time. These days that just doesn’t work anymore- for many varied reasons- but it means a lot more planning, a lot more care, and a lot more effort and time.  When we were little- we ran nonstop, all day long.  Who thought of exercise?  Exercise was all we did!  But in this day and age with less freedom to roam, more electronics to own, and no PE over the Summer- we really need to search and find that exercise and that activity for our kids.

Times have changed though and where fitness became en-vogue for us adults, it’s also become very cool for kids too.  Here are the days of workout clothes all day long, Fitbits on our wrists, and working out has become something that kids emulate their parents doing.  Just since starting kidzxplor, we have been amazed by the number of fitness classes available to kids and how they are helping make our kids healthier and allowing them to have a ton of fun while working out.  Kids see their parent’s being healthy and exercising- and it’s something they want to do too.  It’s nice to see something thats healthy becoming cool to kids.  Tread milling, boxing, boot camps. Cross Fit, yoga, barre class, and pilates are all things that kids are actively doing and making it a point to start exercise now- and creating that habit for life.

Our partner, Sweat, has just recently added new kids only boxing classes!  They truly believe that boxing is the new great activity for kids because it’s fun, new, and different. Parents love boxing because it builds confidence in kids, and we all want a confident kid!  Besides something new and exciting, boxing offers several physical as well as mental and emotional benefits for kids.  Physically, boxing is a great sport to coordinate into your child’s physical activities.  Boxing classes enable your child to hone their agility, speed, strength, hand-eye coordination, endurance and power, all without having to take a punch.  Punching a bag requires focused movements and recall- which challenges your muscles and your mind!  It also engages muscles from all over the body. Boxing is also mentally and emotionally beneficial for children. It teaches discipline, motivation, and work ethic. It can also be a great stress reliever.  Kids often deal with a lot of emotions and boxing is a great way to give them the release they need to deal with their stress in a positive way.

At Sweat, kids have a safe, fun, and friendly environment where they can learn basic boxing skills such as jabs, crosses, upper cuts, and hooks.  They work on footwork, speed, power and flexibility.  All boxing is done on bags with no sparring- so there is no concern with injury. They punch on standard sized bags and wear real boxing gloves and wraps just like in adult classes.  Kids also tour of the full sized boxing ring where they train professional and semi-professional fighters—and even try on the championship robes!  We are so excited to partner with Sweat at launch and love the methodology behind a healthy body and a healthy mind- and of course, staying active.  For more information on Sweat- please check them out at www.sweatstlouis.com.