‘Tis the week of Mother’s Day!  Happy early Mother’s Day to all of you Mom’s – and thank you for what you do every-single-day.  Being a Mom is super hard work and although you reap the benefits each day with your kid’s- it’s also nice to be recognized for it.  Please take Sunday and do something for yourself- enjoy that cup of coffee, sleep in, and do something that makes you happy and reenergizes you.  Sometimes as Mom’s we give, give, and give- and it’s also good to take once in awhile to refresh your batteries to help YOU become a better Mom.  kidzxplor thrives to help Mom’s make life a little easier- it’s tough raising Kid’s and helping them reach their full potential- hard to keep them engaged- while also having FUN!  Our goals here at our little company is to help you- and maybe make your day a bit more simple.  We look forward to sharing those plans with you more in the upcoming months- and hope to integrate ourselves into your lives so next Mother’s Day- maybe things are looking a little easier.  Enjoy your Mother’s Day- you deserve it!