As we move into Summer mode – the Summer Olympics return in 2016 in sunny Rio De Janeiro #roadtorio!  80 days until the torch is lit, athletes compete, and kids everywhere become mystified and enthralled with USA and Gold.  Sports that seem to only surface every four years become exciting to watch, and little people’s dreams of Gold and their own Olympic daydreams come true.  Track and field, gymnastics, soccer, swimming and diving, baseball, tennis, rowing, basketball, even golf returns this year.  Athletes Olympic dreams become our own as we are captivated by Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, and Usain Bolt- amazed by their strength, dedication, and athletic superiornees.  The Olympics brings out the patriotism of our Nation and allows us to all cheer for one common team- red, white, and blue- GO USA!  It brings us together as one, focused on one common goal, and allows us to put aside our differences.  We see great sportsmanship, dedication to ones passion so strong, and get to see that sometimes, it just doesn’t work out the way you want it to.  The ability to lose gracefully.  What great lessons for our children does the Olympics teach?  How inspiring is it to see these athletes work so hard for something- give it their all- for something not guaranteed.  To join together with other nations, to celebrate one’s differences- yet commonalities all at the same time?  The Olympics truly is something special that we only get to experience every few years- something that is inspiring- and based on the good- how nice is that to see every once and a while?  Especially today in this country- we could all use a little inspiration and good to celebrate.

The Olympians truly have a gift- they have found their passion.  Who motivated them?  Who allowed them to find it?  Was it their parents?  A teacher?  Was it themselves?  A youth soccer league?  Swim team at the local pool?  A gymnastics coach that saw something special in the little girl tumbling?  The fact that they loved to run really, really fast?  Inspiration is everywhere.  How will your children find their passion?  What we do here at kidzxplor daily is try help that parent who’s child may want to try that soccer class, maybe they like karate, maybe a hiphop class is what they are looking for?  What about lego building?  How can we foster that passion?  How can you give that opportunity to your child?  We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have – but what if it could be easier?  What if we could try a lot of different things to find out who we really are?  You don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy an activity or a class.  You just need to find the things that are right for you.

Our launch partner, All American Gymnastics, has been preparing for the Olympics for months as the US Women’s and Men’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials will be in St. Louis June 23rd – June 26th at Chaifetz Arena.  The Men will compete one last time after St. Louis, but the Women’s Olympic Team will be chosen here in St. Louis.  All American started preparing at the 100 Day Countdown with 100 forward rolls to the Olympic Games a few weeks back and have lots of activities planned over the next upcoming months to be #rioready.  All American also has tons of camps happening in a few weeks from Summer Gymnastics Camp to Super Ninja Camp!  Registration is open!  www.allamericangymnastics.net.

**5/17/16- Correction- The USA Men’s Olympic Gymnastic Team will be chosen in St. Louis on June 25th while the Women’s Olympic Team will be chosen July 8 & 10 in San Jose, California.  kidzxplor apologizes for the mistake.