Now that Mother’s Day is over and the kids have all brunched, given flowers, and been relatively on their best behavior- it’s time for Graduation season!  The class of 2016!  Graduation can mean pre-school, grade school, high school, and college – and it means a lot of happy kids – and proud, reflective and teary-eyed parents.  Where did the time go?  How could it go so fast?  We spend so much of our lives focused on getting to the end- and when we get there- we wonder how did we get here?  From Mommy and Me, to T-Ball, new musical instruments, construction-paper art, transitions to new schools, field trips, it’s all a journey that we have been so lucky to be on.  Our kids have worked hard, they have played hard, and they deserve this momentous occasion.  Take the time to enjoy the little things, take the pictures, and just enjoy the kids- these are the memories that will stick with us forever.  Life changes, but it get’s so much better!

Our partner, Sweetology, is a running a special next week in honor of the Class of 2016!  Come by Sweetology for custom cake and cupcake decorating!  Celebrate your graduate- and if you mention kidzxplor- they will even give you 20% off.  Now thats sweet!