Welcome to kidzxplor!  We are so happy to meet you!  kidzxplor is a new way for children to explore the world around them by taking exciting classes and activities- all for one flat-fee per month.

kidzxplor was born to help families simplify the discovery and reservation of local activities while simultaneously providing an economical solution to the high cost of helping your children find their passion.   We have gathered some of the best class and activity providers and plan to continue to add high quality classes and programming daily.  We are launching in our hometown of STL in July- looking forward to helping you beat the Summer heat and #getoutthere!

Our blog, Hopscotch, will keep you in the loop about activities and events around town and give you new ideas on how to #xplor.  Come join us on this journey and help kidzxplor curate the best classes and activities in your neighborhood.  Comments, shares, or shoot us an email at info@kidzplor.com to introduce yourself and let us know what’s important to you and your family.  Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with daily updates and surprises!  Can’t wait to #xplor with you!


Angela, Lisa, Stephanie